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Walter Capezzali’s collages

The exhibition is devised in four ideal sections, following the human wishes and ideals, always comparing with Gods and heroes feats and adventures.

How big is still the power of images of the myth? And how intriguing is to run through old ways again, ways that are so wonderfully paved with alternative possibilities, with parallel ways…

If, for one reason or the other, things could be happened in a different way, or if, in a magic moment of standing time, you could still look at the “other” possibilities, that the final event did not make impossible yet… (an interesting look to “The invisible towns”  by Italo Calvino).

One time, for a long time, Mythology was the only expedient to be able to portray the naked body. Possible to show the “nude”,  but only if in an heroic position! … or, anyway, in the conditions you could “read” the bursting, erotic charge through cultured or edifying symbols. Today we learned to play with these symbols.

Revisiting the classic Greek poems in a contemporary key is not an easy thing. Often there is the risk of giving readings that are not in keeping with the author’s true thinking. Walter Capezzali, on the other hand, manages to obtain sensational results, even playing on the irony and sometimes on the physicality of the characters. Mixing ancient and modern, for some, is like mixing sacred and profane. Here the mix is natural and above all successful.
Ulysses grappling with his journey or gods fighting with each other, seen through modern advertising images without losing their original meaning, is the demonstration of how this artist manages to synthesize without losing details, playing without falling into the absurd.

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